Strategic Planning

Our resolve must never be diverted in directions that distract us from our purpose.

Wayne Elsey

Social enterprises and nonprofits develop strategic plans as a means to serve as a personal guide map in order to achieve a mission in the most efficient manner, with the greatest impact. In order to be effective, strategic plans need to clearly outline specific goals, the action steps to take and required resources to get the job done. To be most effective, strategic plans should be revisited regularly and never become a static document hidden in a drawer.

Strategic planning helps an organization anticipate changes and already have an idea of how to respond. It also helps by clarifying an organization’s mission and individual goals. Other functions that receive attention by strategic planning include spending, fundraising, and reshaping programs.
Strategic Planning with SocialGoodU

Today, planning for social sector organizations has become an even more necessary function considering the nation’s economic downturn and constantly changing technology. When you add the unique challenges that face nonprofits and social enterprises, it becomes an absolute must to adopt this approach.
You will find material’s on the following:
  • Understanding strategic planning
  • Strategic analysis
  • Setting strategic direction
  • Conducting strategic planning
  • Action planning
  • Planning models
  • Writing and communicating the plan
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Strategic Planning