Marketing and Communications

If I can’t find you on Google, then you don’t exist. Period.

Wayne Elsey

Are you still having that tired gala or dinner as your major fundraising event? Today’s donors need to be engaged and involved firsthand, not the old-fashioned methods. When it comes to marketing and communication for today’s nonprofits and social enterprises, it’s about utilizing the most relevant platforms and technological innovations to spread the message.
Online marketing and mobile media marketing are paramount. It has never been easier for donors to access the organizations they are passionate about. That is, along as these organizations are communicating their message effectively across said platforms. When you combine successful technology with real-life missions and hands-on involvement, now you’re on to something!

Make sure that your merchandising efforts are not in vein and are serving as an additional revenue generating and marketing source. Make sure you are networking with the leaders within your local community as well as looking at ways to expand your network. After all, your network is your net-worth. No more lazy marketing, it’s time to market with a purpose.

After getting your message out to the world, you must harness your fundraising efforts to make your mission come to life.
You'll find information about the following:

  • Turning Key Initiatives into Effective Outreach
  • Your Organization's Core Competencies
  • Internal Experts vs. Outside Vendors
  • Creating/Managing Events
  • Merchandise with Margin
Typical Problem Areas

  • Ability to Network
  • Cannot Pay for Expensive Outside Vendors
  • Websites, Social Media, Video Production, PR Tools
  • Email Marketing for Non Profits
  • Event Planning and Execution