Management and Governance

Problems will come; that's guaranteed.

Wayne Elsey

In many cases, the relationship between the board of directors and the nonprofit can become a major source of difficulty. The two roles of management and governance encompass different tasks: In the management role, board members strive to ensure the success of the organization while the governance role focuses on the goal protection of the public interest.
Navigating the board-staff relationship can be especially tricky. In a governing role, the board must stand above staff and act as boss. However, within the management role, board members support and assist staff-led work. Governance shouldn't be mistaken for close supervision of management; the challenge is to successfully accomplish both roles.

How do nonprofits achieve this balance? The first step is for a nonprofit board is the acknowledgment and understanding of the relationship and the need to perform both roles effectively. Proper management and governance will help a nonprofit avoid becoming another case of good intentions rendered ineffective.

Managing and governing a nonprofit becomes infinitely easier when you create a culture of outstanding leadership.
You will find material's on the following:

  • Organizing Documents
  • Board of Directors
  • Founder(s)
  • Legal Advisers
  • Chief Advisers/Peers
  • Committees: Fundraising, Budget & Finance,
    Nominating, Ad Hoc or Program
  • President/CEO
  • Executive Staff: CFO, COO, CDO, CMO, CTO, HR
  • Core Departments
  • Core Programs
  • Branding
  • Support Staff
  • Properties
  • Equipment
Typical Problem Areas

  • Effective Leadership and Board Oversight
  • Consistent Core Values
  • Legal Landmines
  • Succession Plans
  • Founder/President/CEO Involved in Too Many Tasks
  • Ability to Pay for Effective Leadership
  • Managerial Training Programs / Tools
  • Constructive Confrontation
  • Managing Diverse Personnel
  • Leasing vs. Owning Property
  • Correct Size of the Organization
  • Hardware and Software Issues