Leadership Development

Hire people who are better than you, then leave them to get on with it…Look for people who will aim for the remarkable, who will not settle for the routine.

David Ogilvy

Often times, a social enterprises and nonprofits will fail to address the topic of leadership development until it faces a leadership crisis. And if organizations do recognize their leadership development gaps ahead of time, they still may be unsure of how to address it. Whether it’s a lack of resources or the behavior of the organization’s leaders, it may be too late.
Rather than simply existing as a response to crisis, leadership development can become a proactive investment by social sector organizations to successfully handle future transitions and prevent a leadership crisis down the line. Would your organization’s leaders be ready to handle a crisis should it strike today? How are your leaders adapting to the rapid changes in the philanthropic sector?

It’s impossible to predict the future but the more we develop leaders today, the better chance for organizations to achieve sustainability and scalability. It’s time to map out a vision to predict your organization’s evolving leadership needs, seek new talent to fill gaps, monitor and improve the process of developing leaders. Leadership assessment will implement best practices now to make for a successful leadership pipeline and maximize your organization’s impact.

  • Team Leadership, Dynamics and Alignment
  • Building High Performance Teams
  • Team Problem Solving
  • Managing Conflict
  • Team Facilitation
  • Process Facilitation
  • Orchestrating Effective Training
  • Teamwork Versus Team Building

Problem Solving and Process Improvement

  • Systematic Methods for Solving Problems - Root Cause Analysis
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Train the Trainer in Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis
  • Problem Solving and Corrective Action Facilitation
  • Process Improvement Workshops

  • Presentation Skills - Platform Skills Development
  • Presentation Skills - Technical
  • Human Relations Skills
  • Personal Development and Performance Coaching
  • Orchestrating Effective Training
  • Motivating Others Toward Performance
  • Behavioral Emergency and Critical Incident Coaching
  • Anti-harassment and Inclusive Workforce

Assessment and Feedback

  • Multi-rater (360 degree) Feedback for Leaders, Team Members, Team Leaders
  • Training / Performance Needs Analysis
  • Personal Development Assessments and Coaching
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Qualification
  • Behavioral-based Interviewing
  • Employment Law Overview and Review
Individual Coaching

One-on-one assessment and coaching with executives, middle managers and other employees needing improvement in critical areas.

Focus Group Facilitation

Conduct the organization, facilitation and report summary for focus groups helping organizations achieve better results through client, customer and member feedback. Never a particularly easy task, effective people management will coincide with the development of your organization's leaders.