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Despite the incredible efforts and intentions of all social sector organizations, including nonprofits and social enterprises, most will not outlast their founders. SocialGoodU offers a practical and accessible a road map for nonprofits and other organizations to overcome ineffectiveness or lack of understanding in order to achieve true success and sustainability. We want SocialGoodU to be the "go to" place for nonprofits or social entrepreneurs seeking direction.

SocialGoodU is the brain-child of Wayne Elsey and the late Bernard DeLoach. Wayne is the founder of Elsey Enterprises, including Funds2Orgs. Earlier, he established Soles4Souls, which became one of the fastest growing charities in the U.S. He took it from a budget of zero to over $70 million in revenue in less than 5 years. This is a feat accomplished by fewer than 4 percent of nonprofits in the country.

SocialGoodU seeks to gather expertise from the sharpest minds in the philanthropic and social sectors to help shape the body of knowledge that this online university offers. The topics of focus are as follows; however, we welcome experts interested in providing content for other areas:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Formation/Compliance
  • Management/Governance
  • Leadership Development
  • People Management
  • Marketing/Communications
  • Donor Cultivation/Fundraising