Our History

The birth of SocialGoodU started with 501c3u. Bernard DeLoach and Wayne Elsey established 501c3u in 2013. The vision at the time was to give nonprofit organizations the tools and expertise they need to succeed in a “university” setting with the expertise of thought leaders in the field. Unfortunately, Bernard DeLoach was taken ill soon thereafter with cancer and would not live to see his shared vision to help nonprofits due to his passing in 2014.

The following year, after thoughtful consideration about what to do with 501c3u, Wayne decided to re-launch the brand. He partnered with Linda N. Spencer, who had over 20 years of expertise in the social sector. The two decided to build on the vision that was set with 501c3u and also better address the changes happening in the philanthropic sector.

One of the first decisions they made was to change the name of 501c3u to SocialGoodU. They did this recognizing that making a social impact was no longer almost exclusively limited to nonprofits. Increasingly in a fast-changing environment, social enterprises and businesses were looking to create social change.

In 2016 SocialGoodU was re-launched with a broader focus, additional experts and greater resources and flexibility for those who are looking to dominate and succeed in the social sector.